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PC Information

  1. An introduction to the Personal Computer
  2. What is a PC?
  3. What do I need to build a PC?
    1. Basic PC building toolkit
    2. Motherboard, PC Case and PSU
    3. CPU and RAM
    4. FDD and HDD
    5. CD-ROM
    6. Video and Sound Cards
    7. Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
    8. Operating System
  4. PC Building Precautions

PC Building

  1. Preparing to build your PC
  2. The PC Case
    1. Preparing the PC Case
    2. PC Case screws and fixings
  3. The Boards
    1. Fitting the Motherboard
    2. Fitting AGP/PCI Adapter Cards
  4. CPU and RAM
    1. Fitting a Socket-type CPU
    2. Fitting a Slot-type CPU
    3. Fitting the RAM
  5. The Drives
    1. Fitting the Floppy Disk Drive
    2. Fitting the Hard Disk Drive
    3. Fitting the CD-ROM
    4. Checking your work
  6. Internal Cables
    1. Connecting the Front Panel
    2. Connecting the Floppy Disk Drive
    3. Connecting the CD-ROM
    4. Connecting the Hard Disk Drive
    5. Connecting the Device Power Cables
    6. Connecting the Main Power Cable
  7. External Cables
    1. Connecting the Monitor and Speakers
    2. Connecting the Keyboard and Mouse
  8. First Power Up
  9. New PC Troubleshooting

PC Installing

PC Articles