PC Information

Learn about the PC, what you'll need to build a PC and discover if building a PC will be right for you

If this is your first PC build, you're in the right place. You'll discover what kind of PC tools you'll need to build your own computer with, right through to deciding which type of Motherboard, CPU and RAM, Video and Sound Card etc. will best suit your budget and requirements.

1. Introduction

A brief history of the PC, how it has developed to enable you to build your own pc and whether PC building will be right for you.

  1. An introduction to the PC

2. What is a PC?

While it may seem an obvious question, we examine the various parts that combine to form what we know to be a Personal Computer.

  1. What is a PC?

3. What do I need?

You'll need to collect together some basic tools and make informed choices on buying all the necessary component parts.

  1. PC Building Toolkit
  2. Choosing a Motherboard, PC Case and PSU
  3. Choosing a CPU and RAM
  4. Choosing a FDD and HDD
  5. Choosing a CD/DVD Drive
  6. Choosing a Video and Sound Card
  7. Choosing a Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse
  8. Choosing an Operating System

4. Precautions

We've listed some of the key points to bear in mind when you build your own PC to prevent personal injury or damaged components.

  1. PC Building Precautions