Building a PC

Follow our step by step guide to help you build your own PC

To Build Your Own PC follow our simple step-by-step guide, from a pile of computer parts to the completely assembled PC. If you find you are having problems, don't worry, you can troubleshoot common PC problems or even register to post a message in our PC building forum to ask for help with your PC hardware.

1. Preparation

Get yourself geared up ready to build a PC with minimum hassle.

  1. Preparing to build your own PC

2. The PC Case

The PC Case will need some initial preparation before you can start.

  1. Preparing the PC Case
  2. PC Case Fitting Kit

3. The Boards

Securing the Motherboard and fitting the adapter cards.

  1. Fitting the Motherboard
  2. Fitting PCI/AGP/PCI-Express Adapter Cards

4. CPU and RAM

Two important components to connect to the Motherboard.

  1. Fitting the CPU
  2. Fitting the RAM

5. The Drives

Fitting the Floppy Drive, Hard Drive and CD/DVD drives.

  1. Fitting a Floppy Disk Drive
  2. Fitting a Hard Disk Drive
  3. Fitting a CD or DVD Drive
  4. Checking your work

6. Internal Cables

Make the vital power and data connections.

  1. Connecting the PC Case Front Panel
  2. Connecting the Floppy Disk Drive
  3. Connecting a CD/DVD Drive
  4. Connecting a Hard Disk Drive
  5. Connecting the Device Power Cables
  6. Connecting the Main Power Cable

7. External Cables

Prepare the PC for testing by connecting the peripherals.

  1. Connecting the Monitor and Speakers
  2. Connecting the Keyboard and Mouse

8. First PC Power Up

Power up your new PC for the first time.

  1. First PC Power Up

9. Troubleshooting

Sorting out any initial problems with your newly-built PC

  1. New PC Troubleshooting