Detailed information on the Accessibility features of Build Your Own PC website

This site has been designed to be useable and accessible to as wider audience as possible. We hope that you find the features of this site will enhance your experience during your visit, no matter what interface you use to access it.

We accept that we may not yet have a perfectly useable and accessible site and endeavour to implement additional features, when possible, where a clear benefit to a group of readers can be determined.

Detailed below are some of the features currently implemented. Please note that one or more of these features may not be available in some of the many variations of browser/screen reader etc. currently in use.

CSS Design

This site has been designed to maximise the benefits of CSS.

Printer Friendly

When printing pages from this site, excess page elements and non-important graphical elements are automatically removed.

Image Alternative Text

Where support for images is unavailable, for example text-only browsers, important images have descriptive alternate text that is displayed instead.

Text Resizing

This site has been designed to allow for the resizing of text via your browser to suit your eyesight and/or equipment specifications.

Access Keys

This site has been designed with a series of keyboard shortcuts intended to help users who experience difficulty in using pointing devices such as a mouse.

Site Map

A complete index of all the pages of the site to assist you in finding the information you are looking for.