PC Technology Articles

A range of articles giving insight into some of the more technical aspects of the PC

PC Troubleshooting Plus

Suffering PC problems? Troubleshoot PC hardware to find the faulty part.

  1. PC Troubleshooting Plus


What is Anti-Static? Your PC components are at risk from an 'invisible' danger.

  1. Anti-Static

Fdisk and Format

Utilities to configure PC hard drives for use. Hard drive partitioning and formatting explained.

  1. Fdisk and Format

IDE Configuration

Setup multiple IDE Hard Drives and CD/DVD drives in your PC, including SATA drives.

  1. IDE Configuration

ADSL / Broadband

Getting connected to the Internet using an ADSL/Broadband service.

  1. ADSL / Broadband Internet

CPU Cooling

We examine why today's CPUs generate vast amounts of heat and what can be done about it.

  1. CPU Cooling

USB Flash Drive

A USB Flash Drive is a simple file transfer/storage solution.

  1. USB Flash Drive