PC Building Toolkit

Put together a basic PC building toolkit before you start to build your own PC

It is wise to collect together a tool kit to help you. If you don't have some of these items to hand, don't worry. There are many suppliers of electrical/electronic tools out there such as Maplin Electronics, and these items can be purchased relatively cheaply, especially when bought in a 'PC repair kit'. In addition, they make very useful tools around the home or office.

Anti-Static Device

A must have when handling Static-sensitive devices. These will help to disperse static electricity that may build up. Anti-static wrist straps are probably the most convenient and cost effective.

Posidrive/Philips Screwdriver

This is the most useful tool in PC building/repair since the majority of fixings in a PC case are of this type.

Cable Ties

Where necessary, keep things tidy by carefully tying back loose cabling inside the PC Case. This will also help airflow around the machine. Be sure to use plastic ties only.

Small Wire Cutters

Useful for all manner of things, wire cutters are particularly handy when using cable ties, to neatly clip off the excess.

Long-Nose Pliers

When fingers are just too big for the job, these will help manipulate very small parts like IDE configuration jumpers.

Small Torch/Flashlight

It can get dark inside a PC Case once everything is fitted. This should throw some light on the subject.

Pencil and Paper

Important settings and options are easily remembered when written as notes.

Plenty of time

PC jobs invariably take at least twice as long as expected. Leave yourself plenty of time to work. A rushed job is more likely to go wrong.

Next, let's look in detail at each of the required PC components...