Choosing a CD/DVD Drive

Choosing a CD or DVD drive for your PC

A typical CD-ROM drive

An IDE CD-ROM or DVD-ROM will also be useful, as most of today's software packages are supplied on CD as standard. It's also nice to listen to music CD's or watch a DVD once in a while too.

Reputable CD-ROM Brands: LG, LiteOn, Plextor, NEC, Phillips, Samsung, Sony

Variations available include:


Compact Disk Recordable
Allows you to write your own data/music CD's using blank CD disks


Compact Disk Re-Writable
As above, but allows re-recording several times onto the same CD


Digital Versatile Disk Read Only Memory
A higher-capacity format than standard CD, usually used for Films


Digital Versatile Disk Recordable / Re-Writable
As with CD, allows writing and re-writing to blank DVD disks


A CD or DVD drive that has any combination of these features built in to one unit.