PC Case Fitting Kit

Explore the various screws and fixings usually supplied with a new PC case

The Fitting Kit, that should be supplied with the case, will have a number of items in it (most of which should be explained by the PC case instructions.)

It is important to familiarise yourself with the difference between commonly used PC screws, as equipment can be damaged if the incorrect type of screw is used. If it does not screw in easily, it may be the wrong kind.

coarse-threaded PC screw

Coarse-Threaded Screw

Count the 'ridges' down the stem of the screw, coarse-threaded screws will have around four or five turns.

fine-threaded PC screw

Fine-Threaded Screw

Tricky to count, but will have around ten or eleven turns and is slightly smaller.

A brass motherboard 'standoff' or 'spacer'

Standoffs / Spacers

These will prevent the back of the motherboard coming into contact with the metal mounting plate inside the PC Case.

Configuration 'jumper' cap

Configuration Jumpers

Small plastic caps that can be placed across two pins to set hardware options.

PC fan fixing screw

Fan Screws

Larger in diameter and having a more coarse thread than the standard screws, these are used to attach fans to the PC Case.

In all our instructions, we will try to help you use the correct kind of screw as per our experience. However, due to the enormous variety of PC devices we cannot guarantee that we will be correct in guessing the fixing type.

It is important not to force a screw fixing or over tighten it.
If, when fixing a device, the screw does not rotate smoothly into place or gives any resistance to the movement, try another screw or another type of screw.

Technical Tip
Screws fasten clockwise and unfasten anti-clockwise. To prevent 'cross threading' (when the screw thread damages the fixing hole and continually spins) try rotating the screw anti-clockwise a couple of turns, applying light pressure, until you feel or hear a slight 'click' this will indicate that the threads are aligned and that you can safely proceed to fasten the screw.

Completing the Case preparations

If you have not already done so, fit the PSU to the PC case using coarse threaded screws from the fixings kit.

With the PSU fitted, attach the power cable to the PSU.
Do not connect the other end to the mains supply yet