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Net4Nowt website article recommends Build Your Own PC website

Net4Nowt Web site Article

Recommended: Build Your Own

For those who are new to the PC world, or those who feel they have little knowledge of computers, the cost of purchasing, upgrading or fixing a computer when something goes wrong can be very expensive.

Over the next couple of weeks or so, I want to focus on building, upgrading and fixing computers in the hope that some of our members may learn a little more and begin to challenge computer related issues for themselves, while hopefully saving some money in the process, so let's begin!

First and foremost, used correctly, the Internet can be a great resource of information for computer related issues, but the problem sometimes is that differing information can be both confusing and misleading, especially to the new enthusiast.

There are many sites that give information on how to build or upgrade your own computer, but many times I have found that some important information is missed, or that some information is misleading.

All in all, it can be a little difficult to find a well-laid out site that covers everything the first-time user needs to know, along with easy navigation and instructions that are written in layman's terms instead of the normal computer jargon that can immediately put a first-time user off from investigating further.

There is no need to spend hours searching for such a site though because, after searching for the almost 'perfect beginners guide,' I stumbled across an excellent site which is all of the above and more...

BUILD YOUR OWN is an excellent place for those who would like to attempt to either upgrade or build their first computer, and for those who commonly say they only know how to turn a computer on and nothing more. It is very well laid out, easy to navigate and covers even the simplest of terms.

During reading, the user can study a variety of clips and pictures that show how to fit different peripherals with ease, and there are well highlighted "warning messages" throughout the guide that are well presented and easy to understand.

The site also has an easy to read explanation pertaining to precautions before beginning such as electric shock, sharp edges, connections, handling and cleaning, and also dedicates a page on antistatic measures and why there is a need to implement these before building.

Even if you don't wish to build a computer, this site can show you how to upgrade components yourself, and will save any new enthusiast a small fortune in the cost of hiring a technician to carry out simple procedures like adding or replacing a memory module (RAM).

Instructions on how to install different operating systems are also included (including XP), and the site is a very good start to learning and understanding more about a computer and building up new-user confidence.

Sarah Brown