Connecting the Floppy Disk Drive

Connecting a Floppy Disk drive to the motherboard

Floppy Drive data cable

Use this cable to connect the Floppy Disk Drive to the Motherboard. There should be a 'twist' in the cable next to one of the connectors. This indicates that this connector is for the first floppy drive in the system (Drive A:) Since we only have one Floppy Drive, this is it. Also, the Pink coloured wire in the 'ribbon' indicates Pin 1.

On the back of our installed Floppy Drive (use a flashlight/torch if necessary) we can see a set of 34 pins onto which this cable will fit. However, to ensure that it is correctly fitted, we must locate pin 1 (the pink line), and fit the cable such that the pink line is on the left hand side as we look directly at the back of the floppy drive.

Once this connection is made, locate a similar socket on the motherboard (black, 34-pin socket) and connect the other end of the Floppy Drive cable to this socket. The Motherboard-end connection will be easier to make as it is usually 'keyed' to ensure correct connection.